The govarnance framework for Scrum and hybrid projects

SCRUMFRAME® offers a solid governance framework able to embed the dynamic of Scrum teams in every type of organisation. Furthermore, with SCRUMFRAME you will be able direct hybrid projects.

Scrum needs a frame

The exclusive focus of SCRUM on the team does have drawbacks. Scrum tends to forget that there is a context for every single project. The relationship to the organisation, represented by the “unloved” management, is still unexplained. After all Scrum isn’t particularly interested in. Scrum definitely needs to be completed in this discipline.

The approach of SCRUMFRAME

SCRUMFRAME is the needed framework that builds the link between SCRUM and the organisation in a stable and productive manner. It is a solid governance framework designed to deal with different degrees of agility.

More than that, SCRUMFRAME is able to direct hybrid projects that have to develop parts in a waterfall-approach and other parts by using SCRUM.

Guiding Principles

When developing SCRUMFRAME we followed a few key principles:

  • SCRUMFRAME focuses entirely on embedding SCRUM. It is not a broad approach, like e.g. PRINCE2Agile, wanting to cover many different agile approaches. SCRUMFRAME is focused.
  • On the team level SCRUM is well designed and respects the most important principles of effective teamwork and empowerment. That's why there are only minor additions to the framework of SCRUM - it's roles, responsibilities, processes, artefacts.
  • In daily practice we see different SCRUM implementations with different degrees of agility. The framework of SCRUMFRAME copes with these differences.
  • Not only singe or multiple SCRUM teams need good governance, but also large-scale approaches like LeSS, NEXUS or SCRUM@SCALE.
  • In order to build the connector between the dynamic of SCRUM and the stability of the organisations we do not rely on experiments. We are using tried and tested project management approaches that already provide solutions.
  • That's why we trust in the methods and instruments of PRINCE2. First of all because PRINCE2 and SCRUM have a lot of basic approaches in common. Secondly because among the leading project management methods PRINCE2 is by far the best governance concept.

A lot of advantages for you

SCRUMFRAME has been developed by using and analysing a series of real-life projects. It is ready for you and brings a great deal of clear benefits.

  • The dynamic of agile development with SCRUM is sustained and now controllable by good governance.
  • With careful adoptions SCRUMFRAME also works for highly regulated industries, like banks.
  • With SCRUMFRAME you will lead your projects agile with SCRUM without the need of your organisation becoming agile in every single unit.
  • SCRUMFRAME is capable to manage real hybrid projects: Within one project you may apply waterfall-approaches and SCRUM-Teams in parallel.
  • SCRUMFRAME is scalable for different sizes of projects and different numbers of development teams.
  • You may easily continue to work with your existing SCRUM teams, there are only a handfull of adjustments done by SCRUMFRAME.
  • If PRINCE2 already is the project management standard in your organisation, the adaption is easy. If your organisation is oriented towards PMI or IPMA, then the effort is clearly higher, but adaption is possible.