Consulting and Certification

PRINCE2 is not a waterfall! PRINCE2 is a generic framework of processes and roles describing the management aspects of projects. That's why it is best practice for all kinds of projects in all industries. This makes PRINCE2 the worldwide leading project management methodology.

The Certifications

The certification in PRINCE2® knows two different levels of qualification: The level FOUNDATION and the level PRACTITIONER. milestone offers the following formats of certification courses of the 6th edition of PRINCE2 in the two languages englisch or geman. All courses include a voucher for the certification exam.

PRINCE2 Foundation

The FOUNDATION levelis designed for those who wish to learn the basics and the terminology of PRINCE2. Afterwards you will be familiar with the methodology and will be able to work in PRINCE2 managed projects. This intensive 3-days course lays the fundamentum for your PRINCE2® qualifications. This certificate shall be renewed within 3 years. You will not need any prerequisites for the Foundation course.

PRINCE2 Practitioner

The PRACTITIONER level goes far beyond, the focus is on applying Prince2. With this qualification you will be capable of adapting PRINCE2 projects to the specific environment and to manage them. Completing the 2-days workshop and some pre-course study enables you to apply all aspects of the PRINCE2 methodology  This certificate requires a Fondation certificate and shall be renewed within 3 years.

PRINCE2 Project Manager [Foundation+Practitioner]

With an advantage of € 200,- you may book both certification courses as a package. Starting from a specific Foundation course you choose any following Practitioner course. Best choice would be an interval of 3 to 6 weeks between the courses. As a preparation for the Practitioner certification milestone will provide study material and a test exam at the end of the Foundation course.

milestone makes the difference - since 2011

For your benefit milestone makes a clear difference in three aspects:

Highest Quality

First of all we are working in small groups with a limit of 10 (Foundation) respectively 8 (Practitioner) participants. Futhermore our accredited senior trainers have a broad foundation in other project management approaches as well and have many years of experience as project managers themselves.

Reliability in Planning

We are reliable: our public course dates are fixed. milestone guarantees that the courses in fact will take place on the agreed dates and will not shift. Come rain or shine.

Buy at fixed Costs

milestone's course fees are an all-round carefree package. They cover everything you need for a successful course. That includes the official manual and the certification fees. There are no additional costs in the fine print.