Stakeholder Engagement

Lead your stakeholders

How often do we experience that in the course of a project resistance suddenly builds up from areas that nobody expected. Or there is no promised support. Or an objectively successful project is informally badmouthed. Someone forgot important

Stakeholder rules!

Project management is often very formalized and technical. The attention is on goals, processes and individual tasks. It's all important, but ultimately it's your project environment, your stakeholders, that decides if you're successful. And also about how much effort and trouble you deal with along the way. This can still work well for customer projects, but certainly not for internal change projects.

Any stakeholder you don't have on board will give you trouble. Especially with more complex projects you don't need opponents or neutral onlookers. You need all the support you can get.

What is there to win?

First of all, there is a lot to lose: the success of the project, your career, your reputation in the company. I know resources are scarce. And stakeholder engagement seems time-consuming and difficult. That is why many only fill out the form in the project manual. This gives you a lot of potential.

Professional stakeholder engagement is a sometimes quite time-consuming process, but it can ensure that the project is well aligned, that it is successful because many can benefit from it, and that your personal reputation increases. Why not start with stakeholder engagement long before the official project assignment? Start with stakeholder workshops, because at the beginning every doubt and every objection is welcome. This will only make your project better.

Lead your stakeholders!

We support you in setting up stakeholder engagement well and in actively operating the entire project in a well-structured manner. Lead your stakeholders!