Change Management

in digital transformation

Projects aim for change, but will it actually be effective? Particularly in digital transformation projects, it can be costly if change management is not designed and implemented from the start. Then the new infrastructure is developed and implemented, but remains ineffective.

Built on sand?

Change management afterwards, when the project results are available, is expensive and brings little benefit. A wise manager once said, “An old organization with modern IT is an expensive organization.”

It is better to carry out change management systematically and with commitment right from the start. Take the organization and the people with you on the journey. I am very happy to work with you.

My services

Most of the time it is one or more of the following aspects that cause problems if you lose sight of them. I like to keep an eye on them. My focus is on the organization and the people, and I cooperate well with the technicians.

Provide translation

Users, regardless of their specialist area, and the technology do not speak the same language. The requirements are often not properly recorded and coordinated. However, simplification and increased efficiency can only be achieved if the right pains are addressed. Processes and places of mediation are needed here.

Change the organization

New tools bring new possibilities. Simply digitizing the old processes is not enough, the potential remains by the wayside. Many questions need to be answered: How do the new tools fit into the existing infrastructure? Which processes need to be changed or completely redesigned? What impact does this have on roles and responsibilities? Will our system of communication then fit the new conditions?

Develop new routines

At the level of employees and managers it is about new behavior. Old self-evident things and routines have to be unlearned and new routines have to be developed and established. Can all of this only be done through further training, or does it require new formats? What does this mean not only for work processes, but also for the management of employees. It may also be useful to further develop the culture in some areas..

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