Only PRINCE2 is able to build a good frame for SCRUM

Agile approaches are part of current mainstream, scrum at the head. Scrum's focus on the team level enables team dynamics that can potentially boost engagements, creativity and speed. BUT Scrum needs a frame because it solely discusses the work of teams. Read why only PRINCE2 is able to build this stable framework scum needs badly.

Seeing all the advantages of Scrum, there is a big disadvantage: Scrum ignores the relation between the team and the organisation that runs projects. This becomes even obvious before the first sprint starts. Do you have in mind all the discussions about the basic conditions a project needs? For example the discussions wether there is a "sprint zero" or not.

I am asking why there is such a vast dabbling with more or less knowledge about how organiasations work. In fact there are already project management approaches, esablished for decades, dealing with issues like that. I am discussing why and how PRINCE2 is able to set the frame for agile delivery.

First published in german language as: Hans-Peter Ritt: Darum lassen sich PRINCE2 und Scrum gut kombinieren.So agil ist PRINCE2, In Projekt Magazin 22.11.2019