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The benefit of good governance

As deadly as unclear goals for a project are, it should also be clear who is traveling with whom and under what conditions. Clear responsibilities and escalation channels help immensely in achieving common goals. A good project management methodology tries to counter the complexity of the goals and the tasks with an appropriate structure - a well-considered project organization. In practice we often experience the opposite: roles and responsibilities are renegotiated each time, processes are redeveloped and activities are rethought from scratch. In addition to the complexity that is already there, the people involved only have to face more complexity. This is exactly where the strengths of the PRINCE2 project management methodology come into play - good, well-considered governance.

Hans-Peter Ritt: Die Wohltat guter Governance, in: Magazin Training 08/2013

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PRINCE2 with SCRUM – or – SCRUM with PRINCE2

With different projects, be it change projects or classic projects, the focus is often too much on the tasks to be performed and the goals to be achieved. But the environment plays a key role in deciding whether the venture will be a success or not. Involving the stakeholders at an early stage and in a planned manner is usually the most important success factor. The article describes a process model in six steps. This guideline helps you to actively integrate your environment and to lead your stakeholders to personal commitment to your project.

Hans-Peter Ritt, Stefan Jäger: PRINCE2 with SCRUM – or – SCRUM with PRINCE2 In: Platform for Agile Management. 11. May 2013

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Fit for Purpose

PRINCE2 is still in its infancy in Austria. Worldwide Prince2 is certainly the leading project management methodology, at the end of 2012 there were over 1 million certified people worldwide. The elections in Iraq, for example, were organized with PRINCE2 in a very short time. In Europe, Prince2 is big in the UK, Scandinavia, Benelux and Eastern Europe. A lively community has also emerged in Germany in recent years; Austria still has a lot of potential.

This interview in TRAINING magazine No. 5/2013 provides information about the opportunities and possibilities.